Interested in chips or some wood???

Getchipdrop.com allows us to find who would like wood chips or firewood quality wood in our area. We can sign on and deliver the chips or wood if we are working in your area. 

(Hint - Sign up as gardener... the one receiving the chips/wood, once you activate your account it will allow you to choose what type of wood and type of load (wood, chips or both). Check as many boxes as you would like. Please leave detailed instructions on where you would like it to be dropped and specific types of wood you will and will not receive.
Please keep in mind that if the weather is not good, we will not be able to get into yards where we might possibly get stuck.
Thank you again and look forward to helping you and thank you for helping us!!

We are truly blessed by the support and encouragement from all of our customers, family and friends. Thank you for voting us Lynchburg Living's Best Tree Company for the third year in a row. No matter the circumstances, we always strive to leave our customers feeling 100% satisfied with the service!

Thank you for voting us for 2nd year in a row Lynchburg Living's Best Tree Company for 2019

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